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Whether you live in China or are only visiting for a while, you need an effective VPN to access your favorite websites without any hiccups. Breaking through the great firewall of China is no easy task and many global website enthusiasts find it impossible to access their favorite gaming sites, streaming services and more.

You should not wait until you get within Chinese borders to download a VPN. The Chinese government is constantly searching for and blocking VPN, so you need to download one before you arrive – or even better, download various options in case one stops working. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to choose the best VPN for China, and share with you our top five picks.

How to Choose the Best VPN for China

To choose the best VPN for China, consider obfuscation functions, data security features and zero-log policies of each of the options you’re considering. The VPN you opt for should also have a broad server network, a kill switch and multiple VPN protocols to choose from.

In cybersecurity, obfuscation is changing information into code that is difficult for humans and computers to comprehend. All the best VPNs have obfuscation capabilities to protect your data and identity from unauthorized access.

When it comes to data security, some VPN providers have to share confidential client data with the government and other third parties to operate in China. So look for a VPN provider with strict security and data sharing policies.

Watch out for VPNs that offer servers in China. If these are not virtual servers, they most likely log user information in compliance with China’s VPN rules. VPNs that are compliant with China’s rules can’t have a zero-log policy and will share your IP address, browsing history and DNS queries with third parties – including the government.

The best VPN for China should have a broad server network, allowing you to access all your favorite websites without a struggle while protecting your privacy. It should also offer multiple VPN protocols to ensure connection speed, site compatibility and data security as needed. A kill switch prevents your IP from leaking at any point, so consider a provide that offers one as well.

Five Best VPNs for China

Now that you know what to look for in a VPN for China, here are our top recommendations for you to consider.


SurfShark is one of the top VPNs for China. It changes your IP address multiple times per session to make you even harder to find. It has a dynamic multihop feature that allows you to send your traffic through two servers instead of just one. This keeps you safe in case the authorities find one of the servers used. It’s also great that you can connect unlimited devices to a single SurfShark account.

Astrill VPN

Astrill is also a reliable VPN to use in China. It has a server network spread throughout 58 countries, including the US and Japan. It typically offers solid navigation speeds, and works with the StealthVPN protocol, and has a high success rate with obfuscation. It offers users a kill switch, and is a solid choice if you want to disguise your internet traffic from Chinese authorities.


NordVPN offers the fastest VPN connection of them all and has a notable record in the country. It has obfuscated servers, a kill switch and multiple security protocols. NordVPN came third because not all of its servers are obfuscated. You therefore need to choose between a few server locations when in China.


VyprVPN focuses on privacy and security with WireGuard support and a user-friendly interface. It developed the Chameleon VPN protocol that helps users to bypass the strict Chinese internet censorship rules. Its main weakness lies in speed. It’s a pretty slow VPN that may not work for you if speed is a necessity.


Windscribe Pro is the best free VPN for China and comes with two obfuscation protocols. It has perfect forward secrecy which creates new keys for each data transaction. Windscribe uses AES-256 encryption that current technology cannot crack. Its main cons are its poor user interface and the data limits enforced on the free plan.

Wrapping Up

The best VPN for China should offer maximum data security, multiple server locations, obfuscation functions, zero-log policies, a kill switch and multiple VPN protocols. Beware of VPN services offering a server in China because this mostly means it doesn’t have a zero-log policy.

SurfShark, Astrill, NordVPN, VyprVPN and Windscribe are our top VPN picks for China. With them, you can bypass the Great Firewall of China and access your favorite websites without much of a struggle.

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